Vinyl Cutter Accessories

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VC Blade Cameo 3 Auto

Autoblade for Cameo 3 & Portrait 2 only

VC Blade Cameo Premium

VC Cameo / Portrait Premium Blade (longer lasting)

VC Blade Ratchet Cameo

Vinyl Cutter Ratchet Blade + Blade Holder + Blade Adjuster for all Cameos & Portraits

VC Cameo Cardstock

16 pack printable adhesive cardstock for Cameo

VC Cameo Clear

Clear Inkjet printable Sticker material for Cameo (pack of 8 sheets). For use with Inkjet.

VC Cameo Hook

Cameo Hook tool for weeding vinyl

VC Cameo Mag-ADH

Silhouette Cameo self-adhesive magnetic sheet - allows you to cut and apply a magnetic backing to any shape (4 sheets)

VC Cameo Mat-12

Cameo replacement cutting mat - standard size

VC Cameo Mat-12L

Cameo Light Hold cutting mat - 12"

VC Cameo Mat-24

Cameo Large cutting mat - 30 x 60cm

VC Cameo Pen Met

Cameo Pen Set - Metallic Colours (4 colours)

VC Cameo Pen Starter

Cameo Pen Starter Kit (24 colours)

VC Cameo PSU

Extra Power supply for Cameo cutter

VC Cameo Scraper

Scraper for Cameo Projects

VC Cameo Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo kit for use with inkjet printer and Cameo (2-sheets including adhesive). For use with Inkjet.

VC Cameo Transfer Tape 12

Cameo Transfer Tape for Vinyl - 300mm x 1.8m

VC Cameo Washi

Adhesive patterned Washi Paper for Cameo

VC Cameo White

Inkjet printable white sticker pack for Cameo - pack of 8 sheets

VC Cotton

Silhouette Printable Cotton Fabric (pack of 8 sheets)

VC Doming Epoxy

Epoxy Resin Set for doming (Cameo / Portrait cutters)

VC Doming Kit

Doming Kit for Cameo / Portrait cutters

VC Doming Lam Sheets

Doming laminate sheets for use with Inkjet printable white sticker paper when doming

VC Tool Kit

SIlhouette Tool Kit - Includes: hook, scraper, spatula, pick-me-upĀ®, ruler, microfiber cloth