COVID-19 Essentials

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Covid-19 Multitool Gift Bag-5

Printable Bag for Covid-19 Multitool (pack of 5)? keeps the ?dirty? end of the tool out of reach. Bag can be printed...
Price (excl VAT) R 22.45

Covid-19 Multitool Keyring-5

MDF Covid-19 Multitool Keyring (pack of 5) - Use it to hold shopping bags, open doors, press buttons on credit card...
Price (excl VAT) R 44.75

Covid-19 Trolley Tool-2

MDF Covid-19 Trolley Tool (Set of 2) - Use it to hold and steer your trolley while not exposing yourself to Covid 19. ...
Price (excl VAT) R 29.95

Face Shield Sponge-10

7cm x 30mm x 30mm self adhesive sponge for placement on forehead area of Face shields. Makes it more comfortable to the...
Price (excl VAT) R 24.90

Face Shields-10

Muggit Face Shields - Pack of 10 - 500 micron with adjustable strap
Price (excl VAT) R 199.50

Facemask - Sublimation 5

Sublimation printable facemasks - pack of 5
Price (excl VAT) R 29.95

VC Cameo Face Shield Kit

Faceshield Kit for Silhouette Cameo - includes raw materials, template and instructions to make up to 4 face shields...
Price (excl VAT) R 26.90