Key & Coat racks

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Metal Coat Rack

Wrought iron Coat Rack with 4 hooks, fits 4 x 10x10cm Tiles / Metal Inserts. Tiles / Inserts NOT supplied. For use with...
Price (excl VAT) R 99.00

Metal Coat Rack Inserts W

White Metal Tile Inserts (10.6 x 10.6cm) for Metal Coat Rack - Pack of 4. For use with Sublimation.
Price (excl VAT) R 29.50

Metal Key Rack

Wrought Iron Key Rack with 4 hooks - fits 15 x 15cm tile / metal insert - Tile / metal insert NOT supplied. For use...
Price (excl VAT) R 40.90

Metal Key Rack Insert -W

White Metal Tile Insert for Metal Key-rack / Coat Hanger single / Candle Holder - 15.2 x 15.4cm. For use with...
Price (excl VAT) R 11.95